We undertake all types of plumbing work from installing a bathroom or kitchen to renewing stopcocks, clearing blocked sinks and toilets.

We fit replacement immersion heaters, cylinders, sinks, taps, fix burst pipes, sort out overflow problems, change tap washers, ball valves, washing machines and dishwashers.

Going away for the Winter?

It is advisable to drain down your system before you go or keep your boiler ticking over sufficiently to stop your home from freezing up.

Did you know that most insurance company’s terms say that houses must not be left unoccupied for more than a month? So it's always prudent to check and take the necessary steps to prevent a problem arising.

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How safe is your tank?

Most cold water storage tanks are in the loft.

Have you been in the loft lately to check your tank or supports?

Do you have a lid on your tank, is it full of silt, is it fully insulated?

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Checking the basin waste

Fitting a kitchen sink